Workshop «Invasive species and the IMO Ballast Water convention»

The workshop discussed and presented both the issues of the IMP Ballast Water Convention as well as the most suitable solutions for its implementation, considering both economic and operational challenges.

After presentations from ECSA (European Committee of Ship owners associations), the Organization of the Spanish ports (Puertos del Estado) and DAMEN green (Builder of the port system InvaSave), the workshop delegates held a lively discussion with the panel of experts who included Eco - Oil and Euroshore (MARPOL operators association), LUMINAQUA (analysis of ballast water systems), Bentley Systems (detection and follow-up of port pollution in the workplace).

The stands
The three project stands enabled good promotion, debate and discussion on the following important topics:
The state of knowledge on invasive species and their link with maritime transport
The monitoring of the quality of water in the ports for the detection of pollution
Port ships and ballast water treatment systems and ballast water quality control techniques

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