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Maritime and Defence Dual-Use Conference 2017, 4th April 2017

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Marine South East, with funding from the European Commission, is hosting a conference targeting maritime dual-use opportunities in autonomous systems and satellite applications. The conference will take place on 4th April 2017, as part of the Ocean Business event programme in National Oceanography Centre (NOC), Southampton. Registration is free, and includes an evening reception for networking.

The conference will take place on 4th April 2017, as part of the Ocean Business event programme in National Oceanography Centre (NOC), Southampton. Registration is free, and includes an evening reception for networking.

The following day, 5th April, a B2B matchmaking event is being hosted also in NOC. This is being hosted by the Enterprise Europe Network in partnership with Marine South East. This will enable firms to hold more detailed discussions on a one-to-one basis. Registration is free at the following link:

This workshop and B2B event are taking place under the European Network of Defence Related regions which is supporting a programme to promote dual-use innovation

The draft programme for the Maritime and Defence Dual-Use Conference is as follows:

09:00 - 9.30 Registration , coffee and networking

Session 1 Introduction and scene-setting: Moderator Iain Shepherd (MSE)

09.30 - 09.40 Role of Dual-Use programmes to accelerate innovation and competitiveness - Incoming Director, UK Defence & Security Accelerator

09.40 - 09.50 Ongoing initiatives in dual-use innovation - DSC, Paul Whinstanley

09.50 - 10.05 European actions & instruments in support of dual-use initiatives - Paul Anciaux, Policy Officer DG Grow, European Commission

10.05 - 10.10 Maritime dual-use priorities & goal of workshop - Jonathan Williams, Marine South East

Session 2 Exploiting growth in maritime information services

10.10 - 10.25 Challenges implementing maritime information services, Tim Munn, Thales

10.25 - 10.40 The role of Satellite Applications - Gordon Campbell, ESA

10.40 - 10.55 Maritime Internet of Things & cyber security
Rob Myers, Inmarsat

10.55 - 11.10 Dual-use data analytics and web services
Bruce Tomlinson, HR Wallingford

11.10 - 11.40 Coffee break and networking

11.40 - 12.30 Panel Discussion - facilitated by Nick Lambert, Satellite Applications Catapult

Building blocks for creating maritime information services, technologies, business models and collaboration.

12.30 - 12.50 Keynote; Michael Jones, President The Maritime Alliance, US - Dual-se activities in the US Blue Economy, and how we can all benefit from international collaboration.

12.50 - 13.40 Lunch

Session 3 Exploiting growth in sensor platforms and autonomy - Moderator Paul Winstanley (Defence Solutions Centre)

13.40 - 13.55 Marine autonomous systems: dual-use priorities - Rear Admiral Paul Bennett, Royal Navy

13.55 - 14.10 Technical barriers that need to be overcome - Gwyn Griffiths, Autonomous Analytics

14.10 - 14.25 Sensors & smart sensor networks - Simon Gerrard, SMMI

14.25 - 14.40 Building dual use systems: an SME perspective - Dan Hook, ASV

14.40 - 15.30 Panel Discussion - facilitated by Kevin Forshaw, National Oceangraphy Centre

Mapping next generation marine autonomous systems for defence & civil markets

15.30 - 16.00 Tea break

Session 4 Building future dual-use programmes & collaborations

16.00 - 17.15 Panel Discussion and Open Forum - Moderator: Paul Winstanley, Defence Solutions Centre, Facilitator: Jonathan Williams, MSE

16.00 - 16.20 Panel Member introductions

16.20 - 17.10 Discussion and Open Forum

17.10 - 17.15 Conclusions and introduction to B2B Matchmaking Day - Jonathan Williams, MSE

17.15 - 18.15 Visit to Ocean Business show and 'Wine Trail'

18. 15 - 20.00 Reception with Guest Speaker: First Sea Lord

More information can be found at:

Please book at the link above.

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